Funding your potential.

The four main funding solutions we offer are hire purchase, finance lease, operating lease and refinance. Seasonal payments, VAT deferrals and credit lines are also available, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out more!

Hire Purchase

Hire Purchase.

Key benefits

  • Fixed monthly payments make budgeting and cash management a simpler process
  • Flexible deposit options, with the balance repaid over your chosen term (between 12-84 months)
  • VAT is generally paid upfront with the deposit and later claimed back from HMRC. There are also VAT deferral options available
  • The funded asset forms part of your balance sheet, so you can claim Capital Allowances, which are offset against tax
  • Balloon payments are available, which can assist in reducing monthly payments in line with your budget

At the end of the agreement, there are more options available; if you want to spread a balloon payment over a longer term, or release equity that’s built up in the asset in the form of a refinance package, Praetura Direct Finance can help.

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Finance Lease

Finance Lease.

Key benefits

  • Fixed monthly payments which can be tailored to match cashflow requirements, with seasonal payments an option
  • VAT is payable on a monthly basis, not as an upfront lump sum
  • Monthly rental payments are tax deductable
  • The term you lease the vehicles or equipment for can range from 12 to 84 months
  • At the end of the term, you can carry on using the asset and enter a ‘secondary rental’ period, or sell the asset* and retain the bulk of the sales proceeds.

*Asset must be sold via a third party.

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Operating Lease

Operating Lease.

Key benefits

  • Low monthly rental payments
  • Ideal solution if vehicles or equipment are required for a contract that is for a set time or season
  • The funder is responsible for the residual value and disposal of the asset at the end of the term
  • Avoids the pressures and ties of ownership and the hirer is protected from the risk of the asset depreciating
  • The asset can be off balance sheet and the hirer may be able to offset payments against taxable profits

VAT is reclaimable

With an Operating Lease, the hirer is bound by return conditions imposed by the funder at the outset of the agreement (ie. mileage allowances and general condition).

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Key benefits

  • Refinance can be used to make cash available to expand your business
  • You can use refinance as a tool to help you consolidate debts, reduce bank borrowings, or repay HMRC arrears
  • It can be used as a mechanism to re-structure your existing Hire Purchase agreements and reduce your monthly outgoings
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